Brandi Cyrus Bio – Burwood Stampede Music Festival 2024

Brandi Cyrus at Calgary Stampede 2024

My name is Brandi Cyrus, and it’s no secret that I am part of a very talented and famous family. Music quite literally runs through my veins and fuels me every single day.

I was previously 1/2 of an LA-based pop duo called ‘Frank + Derol’ and am now a full time touring DJ with a residency at the iconic WYNN hotel in Las, Vegas where you can catch me all year long at both XS Nightclub & Encore Beach Club.

I co-host two weekly podcasts: Sorry We’re Stoned with my mom Tish - which you can also watch on YouTube! and Your Favorite Thing with my BFF Wells Adams.

I’ve competed against my mom Tish as an interior design expert on the BRAVO TV series - ‘Cyrus Vs Cyrus’ Design & Conquer. You may have also seen me here and there on a few films and TV shows, as I also dabble in acting and have several on-screen credits for both scripted and non-scripted work.

  I know, I know - I'm a little all over the place!  My excuse for it is that I'm passionate about a lot of things, and I truly love the life I've been blessed with. My family + friends,  horses and music are everything to me. I make a point to live each day being grateful for those things, and for me most importantly I want to spread love + light to everyone I have the privilege to meet, work with, and do life with. 

  I’m constantly traveling the world but I call Nashville, TN home. I’ve competed and trained horses in A-Circuit Hunter/Jumpers for over 25 years, and all of my free time I spend at the barn with my horses. I live on a mini-farm with over 20 animals - including many rescues and my retired show horses. I am extremely passionate about animal rights and specifically their humane treatment and protection. I’m heavily involved in the FREE WILD HORSES organization, which works to protect the American Wild Mustangs & Burros that roam the Wild West.

Bringing You The Wildest Tent In The West This Calgary Stampede 2024!

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